Photographer that specializes in life photography!

I am a photographer. I enjoy street, travel, and event photography, but anything really. Serendipitous moments are awesome.

The Journey...

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My journey as a photographer began when I was in high-school with a Pentax K1000 (see photo above). I loaded/developed my film & photographs as many photographers before me have done. I continued this after high-school, but didn’t have money or access to a lab and relied on pre-loaded film and automated developers. Eventually I acquired the equipment to load/develop my photographs at home, but because I am currently mobile from my job, this became too difficult to continue.

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Jr. Varsity soccer
I took this photograph with my Pentax K1000 circa 1999. Unfortunately, the original was lost in a fire and the only copy I have is a copied scan from my high-school yearbook.

In 2017 I was gifted my first DSLR by my wife and stepped into the digital world of photography. I started shooting from day one and haven’t stopped. I shoot in raw format to continue my creative processing and my need to have control of my art.

The thing about nicknames is...

I use the nickname "Kemo Sabe", which was given by some immigrant co-workers some years back. I also use the nickname "Skiddo", which was given by some motorcycle riding buddies. Regardless, I am Will Actual (actual is a military term and is used for identifying a specific person in communications).

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